Sunday, January 30, 2011


Everything has been going really well these past couple of days! I started my translation course which will be extremely beneficial to me, but it looks like it can be difficult at times. Plus, the Friday morning at 8:00 am doesn't quite help that! There are a few classes that I am taking that are simply just for preparation for the exam at the end, which is basically, in my mind, a French ACT, but only with reading and writing. We are doing a lot of old tests and learning how to listen well, time ourselves and things like that. It is stressful because right now I don't see myself doing well on it at all, but I know a lot will change when May comes around.

There are a couple of guys who live in the same building as me and we have created a "date" for speaking French each night. It just happens and it is really nice. I can ask questions, they help me, they re-teach me things! It takes effort on my part because I feel uncomfortable speaking French sometimes, but that is what I have to get over and just talk and I will be better. It's becoming easier, and I've realized I know a lot more than I think I do.

Remember how I talked about the Carrefour by my dorm being like a French Wal-Mart? Well, it is, but moreso a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. The actual Carrefour, which I discovered Wednesday, is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! It is literally like walking into a Wal-Mart! They have SO much stuff and it is cheaper than the things at the Market. I've decided that even though it takes more of an effort to get to it by bus, I am definitely going there for everything! That is the one that I am taking my Mom and Sister to when they come to visit.

This next weekend I am going to Bordeaux with Kristen, Kelli, Ebony, Jacques, his friend, these two girls in our class from the Czech Republic, and Alex and Claudia, the two students from England. It should be really fun and I am very excited to go! We are staying in a hostel, taking the train there and back, and visitng a winery! We found a 5 hour city and winery tour that I think will be very interesting. I am happy to finally go somewhere on my weekends and I am looking into where else I want to and can go visit on the weekends and for my first break!

Today I am going to the Rugby game. Tros told us they are playing a French team that they lost to last time and there should be lots of fights! I am definitely wanting to see that! Last week I was at Lelani's and they showed us videos from different rugby teams and the level of intensity and fighting went up and the level of competition went up. It was interesting. All I know is, these poor rugby players have to be either so sore or so dead after playing a match. I wanted to cry when I saw the hits some of the guys had. It looks awful.

That's really all that is going on. Funny story: I needed to buy a mini-stapler because a lot of the copies my professors give me are just pages and pages without being stapled and it drives me crazy. So, I was at the big Carrefour and I bought a hole punch instead. In my defense, they look EXACTLY alike, and the picture looked like a freaking stapler. Oh well. Now that I don't have a need for a hole puncher, I have one. Maybe one day.

I realized when looking at my calendar that I have almost been here a month! It is crazy how fast it has gone by. Just a few things that I really miss:
  • Sonic ICE!!! Or, ice in general!
  • Dr. Pepper, but not as much as I thought I would.
  • My mom, sister, JayJay, and of course, Sassi and Coco!
  • I haven't had Starbucks, BWW, Sonic, anything in one month!
  • RANCH! OMG, ranch! I do miss you!
  • A bathtub. I officially hate showers. So inconvenient, plus, who really wants to stand while getting clean? Not me, that's for sure.
  • Driving, I haven't driven in a month! Honestly though, I enjoy walking now and taking the bus. The public transportation here is ten times better than in the US and it really can take you almost anywhere! Walking now gives me time to think and notice things around me that I wouldn't if I was driving.
  • Kara, Taryn, Shelby, my tortilla!
I am sure there are more things that I miss, but overall I really don't miss home all that much. Sorry, mommy! :) I truly enjoy it here, and could definitely see myself coming back for a much longer period of time. We shall see...


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