Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I ate snails...

Whoo hoo! I am up to four followers on my blog! Thank you, followers, for now I feel so special! Somehow I became of follower of my blog and I don't know how to not become one. It is weird. Oh well!

The rugby match on Sunday was great! Limoges won, and there was a lot of tension and fights (some more intense than others) that made for a good game! It was SO very cold outside though, and by the end of the game, no one could feel their feet!

This week has gone by so fast! Yes, it is only Wednesday, but still! Monday's classes were good. In my "pratique de l'oral" class we do these things called "Coup de coeur" and "Coup de guele". It's basically like a good thing and a bad thing. My good thing: I have been speaking lots of French with some new friends in my dorms. The bad thing: I think it would be cool to babysit while I am here, but I haven't found much info on it yet. So tell me, what are your "Coup de coeur" and "coup de guele"? We also did a "piece de theatre" that had to deal with situations with neighbors. It was my 30th birthday and I was having a party, my neighbor was upset, but eventually we got her to join the party. It was fun. In my societe francaise class we kept talking about the education system. It is different from the US and it confuses me, but I guess it works for the French. In the French system there are so many levels of "degrees" and tests for certain ages and it is just odd compared to the US. There are also two movies out, "La journee de la jupe" and "entre les murs" that are about different teaching styles. I want to watch them both. They look interesting.

Tuesday's classes were good and afterwards Kristen, Ebony, Jacques and I went to eat at this wonderful French place! Beforehand, Kristen and I were sitting in class and discussing how much we did not want to have soup, a sandwich, or cook something, and how we don't like finishing with class at 6:30 and just going to our rooms. We wanted to do something, anything! Jacques was the lucky taker on his willingness to drive us. The restaurant was called "Le Bistrot Gourmand" and it was the best food I have eaten since I have been here. Save for the crème brûlée  at La Bibliotheque. Everyone hold your breath and let this blow your mind:

I ate escargot. Snails. And I liked it. :)

It was surprisingly good. Jacques told us the ones we had weren't that good, but they were good to me. There wasn't much flavor in them, but they came out in a little dish with oils and herbs that was great with bread. I still can't believe I actually ate it. For my meal I had something that had egg, ham, cheese and some other vegetable stuff with pasta. It was SO good. This is where I am taking my family when they come for their first meal. The wine wasn't bad either. :)

Naturally, this little outing took us four hours. I am beginning to learn that is just how it works over here. No one is rushed and meals are used as a socialization method and it is nice. I like it. We talk about the most random things, but the conversation never stops. Kristen told about this house that is haunted in her hometown, so I made a plan to go visit her in Louisiana and go see it. It sounded creepy and we all know how much I hate haunted houses.

Today I got my first eyebrow waxing done by the French. Don't get too excited; it was no different than the American way. I have lots of homework I need to do today and I might go to the big Carrefour with the other girls.

Tell me this, Oklahomans: I was talking with Lelani a couple weekends back about what South Africa is "marked" by and known for, and she asked me about Oklahoma. She said, "I know you deep fry everything, but really, what is Oklahoma known for?" Good question, and I've been thinking about it ever since. Of course, if you are a collegiate, you say "Oklahoma football", if you are stereotypical, you say "Cowboys, teepees, and Indians" and if you are clueless, I'm not sure what you would say. Really though, what is Oklahoma known for?! Wheat? The invention of the parking meter?! It has to be something better than that!

Ponder that thought and get back to me :)


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  1. the invention of the "Shopping cart"
    GARTH BROOKS, singer
    Bobby Murcer, New York Yankee baseball player
    Mickey Mantle,
    Johnny Bench
    Geronimo, famous apache warrior
    Belle Starr, "Female" Jesse James
    Brad Pitt, actor
    Shannon Miller, famous gold medal gymnist
    JC Watts, OU Football player, later State Rep
    Bud Wilkerson, OU Football coach
    Will Rogers, born in Claremore
    There is a working oil well on the State Capitol grounds.
    Movie "Twister" filmed here because we are known for our tornadoes....and now our snow!
    Meers Burger - 7 inch burger made with all natural Longhorn beef.
    Vince Gill
    Toby Keith
    Carrie Underwood, American Idol winner