Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All's Well that Ends Well

I have never quite understood the "real" meaning of that expression, but after today, it seems fitting.

Monday's classes went really well. I enjoyed them and actually understood quite a bit. In my "societe francaise" class we talked about education. It was very interesting to me. The kids go to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30-11:30, and 1:30-3:30. There are different levels of school, like in the US, but tests that determine what level you can go on to and what professions can be taken. In high school, they take this exam that determines if they are "good enough" basically for finishing high school or if they are better off entering the workforce. Interesting!

Tuesday was quite the day. After being woken up by a fire alarm that I wasn't sure was a fire alarm or a drill or what the heck to do, I wandered outside in my PJ's to be met with...one other girl. Apparently, fires are nothing to be concerned about. Just kidding, after about 2 minutes, more people came out and then we were told that it was all good and we can go back inside. I still don't know if it was a drill or if it was a mistake or what. Anywho, I was awake and ready for my day.

I've had complications with determining my classes and credits and no one can give me a straight answer. It is extremely frustrating. I made an appointment today to talk with Guy to go over everything. Apparently, my FLE classes (all the French ones) are 2 ECTS (which is equal to one credit hour at OU) and I am taking 9 classes. Welll, in order to be considered full time, I need to have least 12 hours, and even when I take the DELF exam (the one at the end that is an international recognition of your French level) it is only worth 5 ECTS. So, I would be at 23 which is less than what I need. I decided I would be better off being safe than sorry and choosing a class at UniLim to take, outside of my FLE classes.

I have this fear of failing a class, and I feel that if I were to take a history course or something that I would not pass. Guy suggested a Translation course that will work from English to French and from French to English. Upside: I would meet French students (yay!) and it fits with my schedule just fine. It is 3 ECTS (1.5 OU credits) and I would learn something and be good at it. Downside: It is at 8:00 a.m. on Friday mornings. Now, let that blow your mind that I am going to take an 8 am class! I could barely do in the US, let's see if it is any easier in France!

I am excited to take it and the professor apparently loves American students because we know more about the language and we will participate. I think it will be fun to take and as long as I get my 12 credit hours, I am all for it. So, after deciding what I would do, I went to turn in my form that states what classes I will take. The lady then proceeds to tell me that my first four classes are paid for, but my other five I must pay for on my own. I then respond, "No, with my exchange program at my university I do not have to pay for these courses because it is already in my fees." She says "no" and I get frustrated so I kindly ask for my paper back to keep and talk with my advisor. Guy to the rescue! He clears up the situation and, as always, I was right! ;) I turned it back in and everything from then on was good for the rest of the day. Reason being why I titled this "All's well that ends well".

One of my afternoon classes was cancelled so I got some coffee and read the newspaper while talking some with Kristen. As eventful as thirty minutes of my day was, it was pretty boring in the long scheme of things. Tomorrow I am going to have coffee with a guy named Emmanuel who I met at the club on Saturday. I am just one adventurous gal! Ha, not really.  Don't worry, Mom, I chose the time and place! I might also try to do some more shopping since it is the last week of sales and maybe there is something that I just cannot live without.

I get to talk to my mommy tonight on Skype! Yay! She also sent me a cute card and some pictures today that just made my day (and my wall decorations!) so much better. I love her so much.


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  1. PAH. you are not going to fail a class. impossible. stop stressing about that.

    my favorite part of this entry was "He clears up the situation and, as always, I was right! ;)" You're redic.

    Love you- hope you've had a wonderful week! Can you believe you've almost been there a month?! ahhhhhhhh