Monday, January 17, 2011


Rugby: my new favorite sport! It was so cool, and I found rugby to be exciting. The Limoges team won, 52-3 (I think) and Lelani said it wasn’t too much of a game because the other team was weak and there weren’t many scrums which makes the game more exciting. Since I am a football fan, I am used to hearing helmets clashing and at a rugby match you hear skin and heads and I think it looks absolutely painful and I would cry if I was in the situation of some of these guys. I really enjoyed it though and would like to see another one!

After the rugby match, we went into this little bar place right by the stadium where the players go to hang out for a bit and thank their supporters. We met some friends of Lelani and the Jacques and then we planned out our night. It was too late to eat dinner but some of the group left to go try to find an open place and I stayed behind with Jacques because I felt bad if he was left alone. He is a big talker to all the people anywhere, so he went up to some supporters and then made me speak French which actually turned out to be helpful even though I felt like I was butchering every single word. This French family that we were talking to actually knew about the OKC Bombing which I found surprising because I guess I thought it just made big news in the US but apparently not. After talking some, we left and met up with Lelani and "Tros" (that is her husband, Jacques, nickname and everyone calls him that so it is probably easier to distinguish between who I am talking about) and Kristen, Kelli, Ebony, Audrey (one of their friends) and whoever else we decided to bring. We went to a small rugby bar called Bar Barians that was packed and had the cutest lamp made of rugby balls in one of the corners. Random, I know. I learned the difference in France between a bar and a nightclub. A bar is just like a bar in the US but closes at 2. A nightclub is like a dance club and a bar, but stays open until 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning! Absolutely nuts.

Now that that is cleared, Bar Barians closed at 2 and Audrey, Jacques, me, and another rugby player and his girlfriend went to this nightclub called "Le Speakeasy".
It was small with a dance floor and some booths. It is much cheaper in France when you go to a bar to buy a bottle of liquor for like 5-10 euro and then get mixers there than to buy a mixed drink already which is anywhere from 7-12 euro per drink. We did that and danced some and then left! I met and spoke some French to some "locals" who knew Jacques and attempted to make them my friends. There was a coat check place to put your stuff and as it turns out, when Jacques and I decided to go, the other rugby player had taken Jacques coat too, with his keys and everything in it. So, at 5:12 in the morning (because that’s how the French roll I guess?!) we had to walk to the rugby players apartment, Allo, and bang on his door to get Jacques coat and keys, and then walk all the way back to the car so we could get to my dorm. It was such a hassle but very entertaining at the time. The streets of France are much more open and wide at 5 am than they are during the day.

Needless to say, Sunday was spent sleeping a LOT and finishing up some homework for class. The whole University starts back tomorrow and so there should be a lot more people around. Also in France right now it is sale season, and it started last week in Limoges. Everything starts out at 30% off, then goes to 50%, 70% and so on for one month. I think someone is going to be doing some shopping. I don’t really need anything, but hey, I will only be able to shop sale season in France once, right?! And if it is on sale it is silly to pass it up, right?! Yes, that is just what I thought! J Class should be good and I am going to try to mark off one thing from my bucket list this week!

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