Tuesday, January 18, 2011


School has been much better the past two days. On Monday there was a meeting for international students and it was supposed to be a "Welcome!" type of event. Had I had it two weeks ago it would have been great, but since I had it yesterday, I felt it to be a complete waste of my time. Plus, I also thought it was more for students who were taking Univeristy courses and not doing my FLE Program. In my "pratique d'oral" class we did an exercise like "Telephone" but with stories in French. You know how messed up it can get in English, so just imagine that in another language with stories you knew nothing about. It was interesting and fun, but a complete disaster, at least for me!

Tuesday's classes were good, but it is still such a long day! We are in the same classroom from 2-6:30. The little coffee machine has become my best friend to keep me ready for another lecture. My grammar class will be good for me once I remember what all I learned in ninth grade. It has been so long since I have reviewed a lot of what we are going over, so it makes for a complicated situation. I know the information, but it is filed away so far back that I need to reach in and grab it out! I also have a class on "Techniques d'expression" which teaches us how to write a letter, formal or informal, and it seems pointless now, but I am good at it so it makes it enjoyable for me! I am sure it will come into use later, but so far I do not see me writing a letter to someone telling them I am unable to attend their housewelcoming party, but congratulations on their baby.

Tomorrow is one of my day's off so I am going to go into centre-ville and do some shopping! Since it is sale season it just makes perfect sense! I also want to visit a distillery but I do not know how far away it is yet, but it is on my bucket list! I made a rough bucket list but I will keep adding to it, I am sure. Hopefully each week or every so often I can go accomplish a few things on it. Some are bigger than others, and some are a mere five minutes away. I made it up while I was doing some laundry. The dryer just does not dry so my whole room smells like a clean laundry mat each time I do it. Jeans and towels are everywhere currently, and tomorrow it will be my whites! My mama would be proud!

I get to Skype with my Nana and my Mommy tonight! I am so excited. I think my poor Nana worries about me too much and wants me to come home. It takes me some convincing to let her let me stay here. It will be good to talk to them and I am excited!


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