Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wednesday is my off day from class so it has the potential to not be so exciting each week. Today I went with Kristen and Kelly (Kelly is the girl from OSU) to meet with Guy (our contact at Uni) to make sure we did enrollment correctly and to ask any other questions. He was very helpful and we even got this neat little mini messenger bags for class filled with goodies! There was a map of Limoges (FINALLY!) a student club book, agenda, notes on enrollment, and some other things. I was very excited to get it because it is a hassle taking my backpack when I only carry a spiral to class. We went to lunch at the restaurant here on campus and I must say, for 3 euro we get a really good lunch! We had all planned to go into centre ville today to get their phones, visit fnac, and walk around, but that changed. It was so dreary today. Rainy, but like an annoying heavy mist and drizzle, and cold! We decided we needed to go to Carrefour for sure so we all talked each other into going. My mission was to get nail polish remover because if my mom had seen my nails I am sure she would have died! They were terrible, and even I couldn't deal with it. I searched high and low to find some stupid nail polish remover and it was nowhere to be seen. Finally, I got the courage to ask a lady who looked nice (and turned out to be as well) if she knew where it was. She did, and naturally I had seen it about 100 times but skipped over it. It was next to liquid eye make-up remover and there were only four bottles of it. What a random place to have it. We all got some school supplies and then headed back home. My mission for today was to do my laundry because I actually had a 2 euro coin! I did it while I was unpacking things from Carrefour and making my bed. After the wash was complete, I put it into the dryer which I found either A) doesn't work very well or B) I needed to dry it longer (there is only one timer though so I can't exactly change it) or C) I did something wrong. I am going to go with B but that is beside the point. I now have laundry all over my room and there isn't much room to have it all over! I have a towel and the provided blanket that are practically soaked strategically over my closet door. Luckily my suitcases make for some "elevated" spaces I guess. Tonight will be pretty relaxed. I am going to shower and probably watch a movie while I wait for my mom to get home from work so we can Skype! I miss her so much!

Tuesday's classes went well but it will definitely be a long day. Same goes for Thursday since it is the same schedule practically. Tuesday I am in the same classroom all day and that is a drag. Due to that, I tried to coffee vending machine and it was really good! The perfect amount and temperature of coffee. I must say, I am becoming addicted to coffee. I mean, I have always liked Starbucks with all the sugar and flavors, but I am talking dark, sugar and milk, if that, coffee. Weird, huh?! I have some "methods" class that, by the looks of it, will be really important. There was this one section of our assignment we did aloud where we named all the phrases or verbs with "mettre" and this one girl would not stop naming verbs! After we named about 15 (really) and thought we were all done, we went on for literally 20 more minutes naming more! I decided this girl has either already taken the class or is a human dictionary. It was nuts. The other two classes were about the language and one on proper writing techniques or something. I am still trying to figure out exactly what to expect with that class. Thursday classes should be good. I have my phonetics class in the morning and I am excited for that! I loved learning the phonetics of French this past semester so I cannot wait to learn more. The afternoon classes are for writing, and comprehension of stuff. It will probably be a long day! Oh well, after 6:30 tomorrow it is my weekend!

I was supposed to go have coffee today with Xasin (the painter who showed me around Limoges) but it was rainy and cold and I did not feel like walking around centre ville. I told him we should reschedule for Friday so that, along with rugby Saturday, is my big weekend plans! It looks promising that this weekend will be a good one!


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