Thursday, February 3, 2011


Bordeaux, Bordeaux, it's off to drink wine I go!

Happy early birthday to my mommy on Sunday! I think this is the first birthday that I won't be with her! Sad day! I'll celebrate with some wine for her!

Today was good overall. I've been sick to my stomach all day today and so I did not want to go to class. It was an ugly day: rainy, not too cold, but like a weird rain mist-drizzle thing. It was annoying.

Yesterday I spent the day with Lelani. We vented about life and then cleaned her car! I have never in my life seen a girl wash a car in high heels. Enter Lelani! We did quite a good job I must say. She then took me to a "Salon du The" which has TONS of teas to choose from and you just sit there and talk and drink your tea. It was so nice and relaxing. I had a tea called "jardin des poetes" that had strawberry, peach, and something else. It was very nice. Lelani's reminded me a bit of Robitussin, so I wouldn't ever order it, but it was good; just a different flavor than what I prefer.

We then went back to her "flat" and Tros showed me their wedding pictures and videos. I now feel like I was there! Lelani and I (mostly Lelani) made dinner and Jacques joined us. We had steaks, green beans, sweet carrots, and potatoes. For dessert we had hot chocolate and some kinder candy things. It was a very good meal and I enjoyed doing it.

That's all that's been happening. I cannot wait to tell you all about Bordeaux. Jacques swears it will be the "best trip ever", but I'm not quite setting my hopes that high. We shall see!


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