Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Days Until Winter Break!

I am feeling much better! My throat is not near as sore. I don't have much of a voice, but I can breathe most of the time and my cough is much less annoying :) After a night of no sleep because I was coughing so much, I decided to fill my prescriptions for the cough medicine and nose spray. I even found some "Strepsils" which are basically coughdrops but they are menthol and that clears me right up!

Friday I had my first exam in  my translation class. We had to translate a piece of literature from English to French. For whatever reason that type of translation is much more difficult for me. I feel that I did okay but there were quite a few words I didn't know. I made a list of them and looked them up so now I know them! I also did a load of laundry and watched some episodes of "The OC". My oldest addiction is back now. I love that show! I only brought the first two seasons with me and I have a feeling someone is going to be mailing me the ones I left. 

Saturday I hung out with Kelli and Lelani. We were going to make "Mexican" food for Lelani, make cupcakes, watch movies, and just hang out. We went to another Carrefour that was EVEN BIGGER than the other ones! It's like every other week there is a bigger Carrefour I discover! In all seriousness, this one really was like the Wal-Mart back home. It was gorgeous and wonderful. I love Carrefour! They had an international aisle where they had (gasp!) DR. PEPPER!!!! Take a breath and wait for this one...PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! You don't even have to ask. Yes, I got both! The Dr. Pepper was the same and it was wonderful. The peanut butter is the same but it is Skippy brand and I prefer Jif. However, I am not going to complain because my breakfast of apples and peanut butter was the best thing this morning!

We tried to make some cupcakes and icing from scratch. We needed powered sugar and it was nowhere to be found! For everyone's reference in France who needs it, it is called "sucre glace". It only took 2 Americans and 1 South African five minutes to find it. No big deal :) We got guacamole, chicken, cheese, tortillas, and salsa to make quesadillas, Kelli's favorite meal. They were very good! Not quite like my mom's but a good second place! The cupcakes turned out...interesting. I didn't think they were that bad, but Lelani thought they were awful. It wasn't very fluffy, more like "thick cake" cupcakes. It wasn't bad, but not like the delicious mastepieces I make either. We watched Gulliver's Travels and "Life as You Know It" which were both good movies. We then chitchatted and I attempted to learn how to French braid....

Sunday I went the the Limoges Ice Skating Rink with Jacques, Lucas, Kelli, Ebony, Martina, and Klara. It was the hopping place and I'm not surprised since 95% of things are closed on Sunday in Limoges. It was a fun afternoon. Sticking seven people into Jacques' small car was also a fun time. I don't think we could do that again if we tried. I also cleaned my room. It gets so freaking dusty and annoying so I "Swiffer" dusted the floors and "Swiffer" mopped the floors. It feels so much cleaner. I have homework I need to take care of and then that is it for my night!

Five days until Spain! Turns out, because we didn't book our night train from Barcelona to Limoges in time, that it was all booked! The way we are taking to get back is crazy! We are leaving Barcelona, going to Figueres, then to Narbonne, and then to Toulose. Since we have to stop in Toulose anyway we may as well sight see, right? We are staying a night and day there and will come back on Sunday with a direct train. I think the people at SNCF (train station) probably hate us because we were so complicated. Oh well! I need to Google Figueres and Narbonne because I have never even heard of those places! Hopefully the train station is exciting because that is obviously all I am going to see!

This week I am also going to see a film that UniLim is offering free to students. It's called "Pauline et Francois" and it's on Tuesday. I'm sure I might be a bit lost because it will be all in French, but I bet I can handle most of it! Have a good week everyone!


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