Friday, May 27, 2011

THE Test & THE Last Voyage :)

                Well, my test is finished. Let’s just say that it was a bit more difficult than I had hoped, but I still think that I did well. The oral comprehension was tough. The long document wasn’t bad, but the short one was very hard. We got to listen to the long document twice and the short one once, and had I listened to the short one more time, I would have been perfect. Oral comprehension is always my worst part so I was glad to get it over with in the beginning, although a confidence booster would have been nice!

                After was the comprehension of texts. There were two documents: one argumentative and one informative. It was harder than the practice ones (which, obviously were a confidence booster!) but I still feel that is my strong point and that I succeeded. Last was writing expression where we had, in my opinion, quite a stupid subject. It was “You were fired from a French magazine. You are writing a letter arguing your point of view whether to raise the price of the magazine by 20% or whether to double the number of ads inside”. I had to write a minimum of 250 words which wasn’t the hard part since I can talk to a rock! I had one hour and for the first ten minutes I sat there: first trying to understand the question (because it wasn’t written as simple as that!) and second trying to not get writer’s block! Eventually I went on a roll although I think I repeated myself in lots of different ways. No offense, there isn’t a lot to say about that subject. BTW, I said it was better to raise the price 20%. J

                After the exam I was beat! I spent some time with some of my friends and sat my first set of goodbyes. It was sad! Kristen left but it wasn’t that sad because she goes to OU and I know I will see her again. Isaac left to see his family and so it was the last time for me to see him. Also my friend Olivier who is from France so I had to say goodbye to three people in less than 6 hours! It made this leaving thing all real! However, I survived and prepared for a last voyage with my Chinese friends and Klara!

                We spent Friday at Rocamadour. It is a French city (very small) that is basically built into the mountain and hangs on what looks like a cliff. It is really neat and very pretty! After walking 3km from the train station there (where no one worked, it was just there!) we found the Chateau on top which was closed. Like all other chateaus and I personally think it is a waste. They should be open to see or make a museum or something! Not to mention that we didn’t know we wouldn’t be able to enter it, so we walked up this curvy trail, steep, for fifteen minutes after we had walked down to try to find the right road to get to the chateau. After, we had lunch in front of the chateau and headed down the town. We found this cute shop with cheap jewelry and wallets where all of us girls had a grand old time! Then we walked around the town some more, had a coffee looking over the mountain, and headed back home for our train. It was another 3km walk that took a suuuuuper steep hill up and quite a long time. When we got the train station, we had about a fifteen minute wait so after some pictures, we snacked on dried fruit where everyone was amazed I could catch fruit in my mouth if it was thrown into the air, and was told they would remember me as the “American who can catch food!”. Not what I would prefer but I guess it is better than other things to be remembered for!

My Chinese friends at the beginning of our walk!

Voila, Rocamadour!

Send this into Eskimo Joe's, Ma!

Rocamadour et moi!

Thought this was cool.

LOVE this picture.

Peeking around the corner of the little village.

I will forever remember Rocamadour like this picture.

                Tomorrow I plan to pack, pack, and pack! I don’t think I have that much to pack, but I am sure it is more than I really think. Hopefully I can make the 50 pound weight limit again! Who knows what all I have accumulated here. I guess I will find out tomorrow!



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