Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'll trade class for a concert!

   Despite the “no class” life, life has been pretty exciting around Limoges for me! Since I last updated, I’ve done quite a bit.
                Exhibit A: After spending an afternoon with Lelani and Kelli having coffee and a lemon-ish cake, I watched some Gossip Girl (thanks to Lelani) and slept. On Wednesday I went for a run (which felt amazing!) and then I went to a “Recycling Party”! One had to bring an old electronic to be recycled for entrance to the concert. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I wasn’t thinking it was really a concert, and it was. I know, I am silly! Three groups, all French, who sang in English. It was very fun! No matter how much I love the Jonas Brothers, Miley, and my Rascal Flatts, I can still appreciate and enjoy some good rock! One band was hard-core, one was genre Jason Mraz, and the other reminded me a bit of Rooney! It was still so fun and funny to hear “Merci” after a song instead of “Thank you!” I went with Klara, Kelli, Cosimo (a guy from Italy) and Ebony. Thankfully we found the place on a tiny street no wider than six feet that held La Fourmi, a concert hall similar to the Diamond Ballroom but a quarter of the size. I had front row seats! Then again, since less than 100 people were there, everyone kind of did!

Such rockers.

                You know how I have a big, loud mouth? Well, if you don’t, ask my sister or any AOII and they can tell you. Besides getting me a free “Buried Life” T-shirt, almost free AOII nail polish, and who knows what else, I also got a vinyl EP of one of the bands, “We are Not Indians”. I also used my loud mouth to politely ask (in French!) if I could have a photo with the band; you know, since they were so kind to give me a free CD. That got me to get a picture with the main band as well, “The Enjoys”. No matter what everyone says, I like my big mouth!
The Enjoys.

This is the band "We are Not Indians". Thanks to my cheering, I got a free vinyl. Holler! We also called this band "The Big Bang Theory" band. The one in the plaid is Sheldon.

                On Thursday, I organized an outing to the Porcelain museum. It’s the one thing that Limoges is famous for, and I figured I should visit it. As neat as porcelain is, after one wing of a three-wing museum, it gets kind of boring. It is very pretty and interesting to see the different style from all over, but I couldn’t take much more of it. I think I am just not a museum girl! After, Klara, Kelli, Lucas, Alex, Isaac, Maxime, Samy, went out to a little pond-ish type thing in Isle (like 5 minutes from Limoges) and had a picnic. We played some German game that used a checkers board but less pieces, played tag, talked, and had lots of fun. It was a good night!
                Friday was pretty laid back. I didn’t do much during the day, but Kelli and I met Klara in centre ville and we walked around with the mindset to have a dinner picnic. Who knew you wouldn’t be able to find a baguette in France?! I know, insane! We decided on getting pizza to-go and went to the Cathedral and ate it. Then we spent about an hour at the salsa club talking and trying to dance! We eventually walked home to Klara’s, gushed over her kitchen in her apartment, and then went to sleep! Toast, coffee, cheese and nutella for breakfast and we were off! She had to work so we left around 11:30. No plans for today. It is cloudy and chilly so maybe a run and a French movie.

Klara, my favorite Czech! <3

                Only 15 more days until I come home! Get excited everyone!

This is the band "The Enjoys" and one of their videos, "Dirty Love". It is a weird video, but the concert was good!

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