Sunday, December 26, 2010

One. Week. Away!!!!

Merry belated Christmas everybody! I hope it was as good as mine! I loved the time with my family and the relaxing days it brought. Good news; I leave for France in ONE week! Seven days. 168 hours. Whoo hoo! It's party time! Just kidding. I am getting so very excited but a little nervous. I got my housing assignment, and I got the dorm I had posted pictures of: Camille Guerin. The other girl from OU, Kristen, also got the same dorm. She will be down the day after me, but I am sure we will become quick friends. I have been talking to a girl from OU who went this time last year, and she has given me TONS of information about Limoges. I guess the whole "linens changed once a week" thing may not be so true. Just to be safe, I am going to bring a couple towels, sheets, and a pillow so I won't be sleeping on some weird surface without covers! I will take a taxi from the Limoges airport to my dorm, and someone will be there to give me my keys to my new home! Expect a video with a play-by-play of my footsteps so you all can see just how big (yeah, riiiiight) my dorm is! Apparently there isn't really internet except at this tourist cafe place, so who knows how often my blogs will be. My friend told me that I am close to campus, but away from the nightlife of Limgoes. Maybe that will be a good thing? Haha, we shall see! I have this feeling that when I get off of the airplane in Limoges and have all my luggage and get into the taxi that I may have a mental breakdown! Not really, but I know that it is going to be different, tough, and I probably really don't know what I am getting into. Oh well! I cannot wait to go to France and see what this experience has to offer for me. Time to pack up! This week is going to be hold unlimited trips to Wal-Mart for what I am sure to forget many times, stress, and probably sitting on my suitcases to make all my life fit. Oh, and on top of all this, I am getting sick. Flu, strep, something that I am not sure of, but pray that it doesn't last long. At least my mommy is here to take care of me and I get sick now instead of in Limoges, but let's hope it goes away quickly! Have a good week!


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