Saturday, November 27, 2010


As Thanksgiving came along this year, I realized just how much I do have to be thankful for. First, my family and friends who are supporting me on this soon-to-be-journey, and how blessed I am to even have this opportunity. It has been such a nice break  being home for the whole week. Yes, school will suck when I go back, but it has been worth it to take care of some much needed business.

 I booked my flights!!!! I will be leaving officially on January 2, 2011! I will fly to Houston then to Paris, take a bus across the city to another airport, and then fly onward to Limoges! I bought some new luggage, and that is going to hold my life for five months all in two suitcases and a backpack. I don't even think that is possible. I did so some black Friday shopping (24 minutes to be exact) and my mom got me an early Christmas present: a flip video so I can document my adventures! I got her a webcam for Christmas but went ahead and set it up so that she can learn how to use Skype so we can talk. We "skyped" Dieadra and Jason for their Thanksgiving and I am pretty sure my mom doesn't quite know how to use it yet, or get it for that matter. I've taken care of my bank fees and phone stuff for France, and sent off my acceptance letter from France to get my Visa process started. My mom and I will be going to Houston to officially complete all that business on December 13. The people are supposed to be harsh and make you cry, so we all know I will be bawling! I've even completed my housing for Limoges, and 9 square meters is all my bedroom will be! Here are some pictures of most likely where I will be living.
This is the outside of the Guerin building. This is closest to my campus at Limoges, and hopefully where I will get to live!
Here is an example of my wonderful 9 meter squared bedroom. I have my own sink but community bathrooms. My linens will be changed once a week. Psh, who needs mom?! Just kidding Mommy. The view is supposed to be very pretty outside my windows. I'll send a picture when I get there! :)

I am getting extremely excited but very nervous. It's weird to think I will in France in 36 days!


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